• Pipeline of prospective projects.
  • Aggressive acquisition strategy.
  • Dedicated to shareholder value.

Tara Gold is fully funded and its principal business is the acquisition, exploration and development of high-quality precious metals projects with potential for economic commercial value.

Tara is currently focused on acquiring and developing properties in the natural resource belts of Chihuahua, Sonora, and Sinaloa, Mexico.

Tara has proven its strength in recognizing value early by investing in projects that have a high probability of success based on historical data/mining and that are capable of achieving optimal shareholder value with an acceptable degree of risk. Projects of this type can be rapidly brought to production and typically demonstrate the possibility of resource expansion through advanced exploration activity.

We consider mitigating risk optioning projects to partners, while retaining a material interest, in return for cash payments, equity positions (common shares), start-up capital and exploration commitments. This strategy is expected to result in Tara achieving early positive cash flow from small-scale production, partner payments and, if needed in the future, sale of scheduled partner stock compensations.

Tara has also diversified across non-precious metals and minerals in order to enhance its asset base and reduce commodity price risks. With this in mind, Tara initiated the organization and financing of Tara Minerals Corp. Please visit the Tara Minerals site for more information.


  • Leverage local relationships.
  • Manage risk.
  • Reduce shareholder dilution.

The current corporate structure, regarding Tara Gold Resources Corp., takes advantage of strong local relationships and expertise, provides economic benefit to the local communities, manages financial and legal risks through partnerships and diversification and is optimized for full valuation.

Tara Gold owns 99.9% interest in a Mexican subsidiary named Amermin S.A. de C.V. Amermin owns all the Mexican properties.