The cheapest car insurance in Florida does not provide optimum coverage. It should provide the minimum coverage required as per the law in the state. Car owners should have a minimum coverage of ten thousand dollars each for personal injury and property damage per accident. Personal injury protection is not the same as bodily injury coverage. Bodily injury coverage may apply to the insured or the other driver involved in the accident. Florida has a no fault law for auto insurance so a policy covers an insured regardless of who caused the accident. 

While ten thousand dollars respectively for property damage and personal or bodily injury may seem sufficient in some cases, the sums are not adequate in case of grievous accidents so it is necessary to opt for much higher coverage. Many car owners opt for thirty to fifty thousand dollars as coverage to ensure financial security. The cheapest car insurance in Florida has quite a few exemptions according to The policy shall not provide any uninsured or underinsured motorist protection. Property damage is mostly limited to the car. If any other type of property is damaged by an insured, for instance a house or moveable structures, then compensations for such loss have to be paid for by the at fault driver or car owner. 

The cheapest car insurance in Florida does not provide comprehensive coverage. A comprehensive coverage is applicable for damage caused in incidents or accidents other than a collision. For instance, a car can get stolen or damaged in fire, storm and flood. A car can be collateral or a target of vandalism. Any loss caused by such damages is not compensated for by the cheapest car insurance in Florida. One must also consider gap insurance. It costs more but the policy pays for any unpaid loan and interest if there is a total loss of value of the car.