• Monetize investments upon success.
  • Assess options for advancement of all properties.

Tara provides investors growth exposure with a diversified exploration portfolio, multiple multi-million ounce targets and several near term production scenarios. Tara’s vision is to build a leading low-cost mid-tier metals and mineral producer by acquiring and developing quality projects, with a single overriding objective, to create value for shareholders.


Tara is in a strong position to acquire high-quality opportunities due to its established office and relationships in Mexico. Tara’s management has proven its ability to recognize value early, gain access and acquire projects on terms that give Tara the ability to assess various options to advance each project.

In some cases, Tara will advances projects by sharing financial risk with mutually beneficial partnerships while retaining a healthy percentage of future cash flow. In other cases, Tara will utilize its own capital to put low-cost, high-yield properties into production, retain 100% interest and leverage the cash flow to acquire additional properties.


Accumulate critical mass of world-class exploration, expansion and production properties through an aggressive acquisition strategy, driven by timely identification of hidden value. Tara has consistently delivered on its objectives in the past and is currently focused on accelerating its successes by accomplishing the following near term goals.

  • Increase shareholder value by monatizing existing equity holdings.
  • Dividend existing Tara Minerals holdings to Tara Gold shareholders.
  • Consider patnerships for the advancement of other properties.
  • Complete financial audits and move to a more senior exchange.